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Nano Soft Water

Green solutions for water softening and treatment

Saving you money while saving the environment

Company Information

Nano Soft Water was born from various discussions between water treatment professionals over a period of several years. The partners in Nano Soft Water have over 40 years of collective experience in different facets of water treatment.

the founders of Nano Soft water have had a great interest in so called "green" treatment options but were disturbed by the way many products were offered. Many so-called "green" products have no basis for working whatsoever. Others may or may not work but rather than being backed by impartial research studies they are marketed with anecdotal testamonials that lack essential contols to have any real scientific meaning.

Every product on these pages is backed by impartial research studies. Most are also tested personaly by the owners and employees of the company. We will furnish the research studies on request to anyone interested in purchasing so you can decide for yourself if the particular tecnhology you are considering is right for you.

And if you make a mistake you can still return it in 30 days for a full refund.

Our Values
We have particular core values that guide our business:
Customer Service
If you contact us you will be put in touch with a water treatment professional who can help you choose the correct products, install a product already purchased or diagnose a product that may not be working as well as you think it should
Unique Products Proven to Work
All of our products are backed by independent research into their effectiveness. We further back this up with a 30 day "no questions asked" return policy so that you can rest assured when you buy from us your product will work.
We are constantly researching new products that will accomplish our goals of cleaner safer water at a lower cost or with less impact to the environment. We reinvest much of our profits in evaluating better ways to accomplish our goals.
The Environment
We realize that no product is perfect but we strive to offer products that have the least overall negative impact on our envioronment. We realize that this must be balanced with cost so that all of our products will not only save the environment but save you money as well.

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