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Nano Soft Water

Green solutions for water softening and treatment

Saving you money while saving the environment

We specialize in environmentally sound

technologies for the treatment of water for residential and commercial / industrial use. Our technologies are carefully selected not only to save the environment, but to save you money at the same time. We use the latest in technnology backed by a 100% money back warranty to produce better water at a lower cost and with less impact to the environment than conventional technologies.

We offer only carefully selected state of the-art technologies

These products are hand selected for their effectiveness and low impact on the environment.

Click here to read about our nano technology that allows us to to make the most economical chemical free (salt free) water softener (scale preventer) on the market.

Click Here to find out about our environment and money saving drinking water purification systems that produce healthier water than bottled at a fraction of the cost.

The button below will show you more of our current green technologies.

Featured Products

Under Counter Drinking Water Filter

Under Counter Reverse Osmosis / Taste / Remineralizing Filter / Dispenser makes superior drinking water for less than 1¢ per gallon. Chillers and Stand alone dispensers also available

Salt and Chemical Free Water Scale Prventer (Softener)

Salt and Chemical Free Scale Preventer (Softener) available from 10-500 GPM. Unit uses nano technology and requires no electricity (or other form of energy) no salt or any other chemicals to operate. Produces healthier water with littte to no scale potential at very low cost.


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